About InterOp-Pol

What is Interop-Pol?

An action group to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in policing to enable sharing of data and to promote innovation via modern, interoperable technology.

Why is it needed?

A Police ICT survey askedpolice users whether they felt that the different policing systems are well integrated –the responses were pretty damning. Some of the quotes from officers were helpful in describing the impact when systems can’t talk to each other:

“It is only as good as the inputter. If a nominal details are not cross referenced, we end up with duplicates thus it takes twice/three times as long to research.” Constable

“NOTHING integrates… I have 15 passwords and have abandoned remembering [those] for other systems.” Sergeant

“There is still the need to duplicate information that is recorded else where such as PNB entries regarding exhibits seized where a record already exists elsewhere why are we still duplicating. It is time consuming and unnecessary.” Constable

Valuable officer time is wasted, data is duplicated, human errors occur, data cannot easily be cross referenced.

Furthermore, we have seen from other sectors such as banking and the business world that when technology providers have open APIs and connectors, innovative solutions flourish, and users can select the best tools for the job knowing that they will connect to each other. This is what policing needs.