InterOp-Pol Tiers

Background: This lays out he initial tiers of membership that we would like to propose InterOp-Pol member organisations will sign up to. When this initiative was started, it was assumed that only software suppliers to the law enforcement marketplace would become members, but since announcing the initiative, it’s become clear that other suppliers and customers also wanted to become members. This document describes the current proposed tiers for the different types of members, although it’s recognised that this structure is likely to change as things develop. Members will progress through the tiers, e.g. a member can’t achieve Gold without having first met the requirements of Silver.

Software Supplier Tiers: These tiers are applicable to organisations that develop and supply software solutions for the law enforcement marketplace, where the software specifically stores or makes use of Person, Object, Location & Event (POLE) data.

  • Bronze Tier: supplier has announced an intent and date by when they will make interoperability interfaces to their data readily available, complete with the details of how to programmatically import and export data, typically via an Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Silver Tier: supplier has published full details of programmatic interoperability interfaces, complete with details for import and export of data, typically via APIs.
  • Gold Tier: supplier has the software interoperating with software from another supplier, in a law enforcement environment and certified by the customer.

IT Suppliers & Integrator Tiers: These tiers are applicable to IT suppliers who want to be part of InterOp-Pol, with a view to assisting in the interoperability integration work.

  • 1 Star: Have joined InterOp-Pol and contributed to working group sessions
  • 2 Star: Have helped integrate software solutions from two different Silver Tier suppliers delivering interoperability, where they have contributed to the integration work
  • 3 Star: Have made available details (with appropriate security constraints) of how software solutions have been successfully made to interoperate in a law enforcement environment, to allow other customers to reuse the capability. This tier is certified by a customer.

Law Enforcement Tiers: These tiers are applicable to Law Enforcement organisations who want to be part of InterOp-Pol, with a view to adopting common and open data, technology and standard interfaces

  • Expert: Have joined InterOp-Pol and contributed to working group sessions
  • Master: Have certified Silver Tier &/or 2 Star supplier(s)
  • Champion: Have developed a policy that where possible, future procurements will have an ambition to only consider Silver Tier or 2 Star suppliers.